LEADER in the Kelvin Valley

LEADER in the Kelvin Valley
The LEADER programme uses a bottom-up approach in order to build new and experimental approaches to rural development which will improve the quality of life and make the rural communities more sustainable. The aim is to further develop the local rural communities, increase skills and make the rural area more competitive by supporting the opportunities available. Support will be aimed primarily at small-scale, community driven projects that are innovative and capacity building.
The LEADER programme will be delivered across Scotland by Local Action Groups. There are 20 LEADER areas in Scotland and each of these areas has a Local Action Group (LAG). The Kelvin Valley LAG was successful in their bid and received £560,000 for their LEADER programme, which will run from 2008-2010.


The Kelvin Valley LEADER programme is based on two main themes:

• Revitalising Communities
• Conservation of the Rural Environment.

The main objectives which the Kelvin Valley LEADER bid wishes to pursue (along with a number of project ideas raised during the consultation process) within this measure include:

  • Facilitating new and improved accommodation and conference facilities to offer a greater range in the LAG area
  • Encouraging new market development: arts and crafts, equestrian activities etc
  • Marketing and promoting the Kelvin Valley
  • Enhancement of key attractions (e.g. Antonine Wall, Canal, Colzium Estate, Carron Valley)
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