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The Kelvin Valley cuts across both North Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire Local Authority boundaries, as such both Local Authorities have worked in partnership to encourage the establishment of a Local Action Group (LAG), which consists of members from a wide range of agencies and organisations that expressed an interest in participating in the development and delivery of the LEADER Programme.

LAG members have a pivotal role to play in the effective delivery of the LEADER Programme in the Kelvin Valley area and they have a set of clearly defined responsibilities that consist of:

  • The development of strategic objectives and associated Business Plan, updating the Business Plan as necessary;
  • The development of project selection criteria;
  • Project scoring, appraisal and approval;
  • Ensuring compliance with EU regulations in relation to allocation and use of grant funding;
  • Monitoring financial and activity progress;
  • Ensuring efficient operating and monitoring systems are in place and being implemented;
  • Ensuring all policies are appropriate and effective;
  • Networking with other LAG areas; and
  • Publicising and promoting the Kelvin Valley LEADER Programme.


Kelvin Valley Local Action Group Members

Main Contact
North Lanarkshire Council
Maureen McConnachie
Diane McGill
East Dunbartonshire Council
Gerry Cornes
Mary Coulshed /
Crawford McGhie
British Waterways
Richard Millar
John Bruce
Forestry Commission
Bob Frost
Ian McKee
Arthur Keller
Jimmy Hyslop
Historic Scotland
David Breeze
George Findlater
Keith Wishart
Kilsyth & Villages
Community Forum
Iain Jarvis
Antonine Walkway Trust
James Hunt
John McColl
Friends of Kelvin Valley Park
Paul Carter
Rob Kay
Gillian Barrie
Mike Bately
Cumbernauld & North Childcare Area Network
Lesley Muray
Lesley-Ann Henderson
The Waterways Trust Scotland
Christine Donnelly
Karen Moore
Cumbernauld College
Jim O'Donnell
Twechar Youth Committee
Craig Clelland
Sandra Sutton
Local Farming Business
Simon MacGillivary
Chamber of Commerce
Robert Wilson

Local Action Group Meetings

The Kelvin Valley LAG will meet at minimum, on a quarterly basis, with the LEADER co-ordination team providing the secretariat and maintaining the minutes and records. LAG meetings will be held in venues located throughout the Kelvin Valley area.

Please see our documents page for a copy of our minutes.


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